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Have you ever observed how the how the concept of fashion and the world of fashion have been changing through the ages? The change in the world of fashion has been a continuous one, for fashion is not and cannot be static. And, lingerie has been an intrinsic part of this ever continuing fashion chain.

Yamamay is one of the foremost manufacturers of lingerie in the world and specializes in women’s lingerie. Yamamay brings to the world of lingerie an original style that is very different from the usual style – a style that is diverse and distinct. The main focus of Yamamay is underwear, lingerie, knitwear, beachwear, nightwear, and beauty accessories.

Yamamay lingerie sets you in the right mood to spend a hard day at the office, relax at home, or have a fun-filled holiday. The lingerie is attractive, delightful, comfortable, and definitely sensual. Admire Yamamay’s Summer Collection which comprise of Ague de Cortez, Mexican Angel, Point Break, American Holiday, and Sunset in the Desert bras and panties which are available in a range of vibrant colors and styles. Look at the different pushup bras, Brazilian Knickers, Shorts, Camisoles, G-Strings – all of which remind you of the beautiful inviting summer.

Take a look at one of the best products from Yamamay – it is the exclusively patented ‘Upperbra’ which is the world’s first wireless push up bra which has a unique design and a custom-made fit. The cups adjust to the shape of your breasts and ensure total comfort.


If you would like to have lingerie that is comfortable, offers the right fit, is sensual and blends for the mood, go for Yamamay.

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