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Vollers is a very old corset and lingerie manufacturing company that was established by Harry Vollers in 1899. It has the distinction of being the oldest corset manufacturer still in existence. Harry Vollers holds and continues the traditions of his great grandfather who was the founder of the company.

Quality is the keyword on which his business runs and therefore quality is of utmost importance to the company. The company ensures that their reputation is taken care of by seeing to it that only the highest quality of materials is used in the manufacture of corsets and lingerie. Vollers ensures perfection and as the corsets are not mass produced each corset is made by only one machinist from the start to the finish. The front busk is made of stainless steel and the bones are made of galvanized steel.

Browse through their collections and discover the beauty of their products, the unique designs, the styles, and the expert workmanship which goes into the manufacture of each and every piece of women’s wear. The Underbust Corset is today used as a fashion accessory and worn beneath your clothing while the Overbust Corsets are worn as outerwear. The collections are Satin Corsets, Lace Corsets, Prom Corsets, Glamour Corsets, Burlesque Corsets, Wedding Corsets, Party Corsets, Period Corsets, Corset Blouses, and Made to Measure Corsets.

The Vollers Satin Waspie is the shorter Vollers Underbust corsets and is slightly wider at the hip. These corsets are front fastening and are fitted with a modesty panel and an underbusk. The Vollers Chinese Silk Corset which is made of beautiful satin using Chinese prints has padded cups.

If you are looking for a timeless and classic corset, opt for Vollers.

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