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Since its launch in Europe, Ultimo has become one of the most famous lingerie brands not only in Europe, but in the entire world. And, this has become possible due to the innovative use of its patented silicone technology through which the ‘Miracle Solutions Plunge Bra’ was created. Today, you see that Miss Ultimo has gained immense popularity mainly through its core collections of Miss Ultimo and Ultimo Shapewear.


Men would like to see their women in sensual lingerie and women in turn would like to look sexy for their men. Ladies, the Ultimo range of lingerie is just the thing for you to make you look dazzling, stunning, and sexy. The new range of innerwear from Ultimo will give you the perfect hourglass figure and make your dream of having a perfect figure come true. The lingerie is made of a special material that helps to increase the breasts by two cup sizes and slim the waist and the stomach. This instant body fixer from Ultimo which is believed to be the most advanced innerwear makes a woman feel like a woman, feel more confident and more sure of herself. This is definitely going to give a huge boost to her love life. Now, what more can a woman ask for?


Ultimo Lingerie is exactly right for those women who have a good cleavage and would like to show it off. But, surely not at the office and definitely not in a board room meeting! The Mega Boost Day to Night Bra is just the thing for you when your size 34 B at the office changes to size 34D at the party. The bra has silicone pouches which stick to you like a second skin.


If you want to liven up your love life, ask Ultimo Lingerie to take over.

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