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You must have seen a number of female athletes doing a lot of running and performing strenuous exercises without any problems. Weren’t you taken back by that? These ladies would have been wearing Shock Absorber Sports bras which protect their breasts from damage. These bras ensure that your breasts are not squeezed, sway, and can breathe comfortably.


If you are a sports woman you will find that an ordinary bra is just not the thing for you if you are into heaving sporting activities. The ordinary bra is not the thing to help you for any sporting activity. During any sports activity or when exercising, you will find that your breasts sway considerably. A common bra makes your breasts sway and the intensity of the sway can harm you breasts considerably.


The Shock Absorber Bra is a product that is designed by women for women. And, it is the ultimate bra – ultimate in performance, comfort, and fit. This bra is recommended for women who do a lot of running or perform high exertion exercises as it offers the maximum support. The straps of the Shock Absorber Bra are set close together at the back so that they don’t slip off from narrow shoulders.


The Shock Absorber Bra is made of a breathable mesh fabric using a double inner layer which helps the breasts to remain closer to the woman’s body. The bra provides extra support, reduces bounce, and also minimizes the chance of any injury. It is very essential teat your  breasts are highly protected as they are very delicate parts which do not have any muscles but only soft ligaments.


If you would like a good bra that offers good support and protects your breasts, opt for the Shock Absorber Bra.

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