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Have you ever seen any lingerie that stands out as a symbol for all womanhood? Passionata of course! It is a lingerie brand that asserts a woman’s femininity and womanhood. Passionata offers excellent feminine lingerie for the woman of ‘thirty forever’.

Passionata is a lingerie brand that made its entry in the late 1980s and reasserted the femininity of women through their lingerie. Passionata is made by the world leader in French feminine lingerie – the Chantelle Groupe, which also offers other lingerie brands such as Chantelle, Darjeeling, and Orcanta. The Chantelle Group strives for excellence of quality and flawless perfection. Passionata, which is a brand that asserts a women’s femininity, manufactures lingerie that addresses the needs of women.

Passionata lingerie is feminine and sexy and designed for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. The lingerie is available in a number of ranges such as Noumea, Managua, Caracas, Madras, Bahia, Acapulco, Veracruz, Santorini, Alicante, Verone, Messina, Pondicherry, Bonifacio, Palma, and Naples.

While the Noumea range offers a stylish lingerie range through its sheer fabric and floral designs the Managua range offers an antique look with its stripe and delicate lace. The Caracas range has embroidery over sheer material while the Bahia range offers lingerie made of seamless fabric to give you a perfect shape. Try the Acapulco range which offers a combination of sheer mesh and embroidery to tantalize you with some fantastic lingerie. The Naples range comes out with delicate embroidery and a multiway bra option. The Verone range is incredibly stylish and offers lingerie that has delicate lace and ruffles.

If you want to be the 'femme fatale', then Passionata should be your choice.

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