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Clothes make a man or a woman, but we can go a step further to say that today it is not just clothes alone but even lingerie makes a woman – and that is how things have come to be. If you are a woman who is very fussy about fashion, style, and the latest trends in lingerie, then the only option is Miss Selfridge.


Miss Selfridge has a created a whole new world of trendy and fashionable range of clothes that also includes lingerie. Miss Selfridge specializes in lingerie for the young women who like to experiment and indulge in new trends and fashions and prove to the world that they are different.


Miss Selfridge is one of United Kingdom’s well known brands which manufactures clothes using new styles and modern designs. The company which was originally founded in 1966 was actually one of the departments in Selfridges Departmental Stores. But today, you will find that it has an entity of its own and caters exclusively to the needs of the young ladies in the 18-24 group.


Miss Selfridge which manufactures chic, snazzy, and comfortable clothing for the younger generation also manufactures a whole range of lingerie for these young customers. Her innerwear collection boasts of an entire range comprising of bras, briefs, thongs, stockings, tights, shorts, and knickers. You will be amazed by the range of materials used for the manufacture of their beautiful lingerie – silks, satins, chiffons, laces, and cotton. And, look at the various types of prints used to bring out the real you.


If you are regular shopper, a true shopper, you will simply not let the offers and bargains at Miss Selfridge’s go by. Will you?

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