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Hello, Mother-to-be! Are you at that stage of pregnancy where the sight of tight and ill-fitting lingerie gets on your nerves? Do you feel that all lingerie companies are insensitive to a pregnant woman’s needs? Well that is not so - there is one lingerie company, HOTmilk, that can understand your needs.

HOTmilk realizes and understands you and your need to have comfortable and right-fit lingerie. You are at that stage where comfort is most essential and style and fashion become secondary. It knows that you would not like to have bras with wires in them as they can inhibit milk production. It also appreciates the fact that stitches or seams across the nipples can irritate these delicate and sensitive areas. It may also lead to infection and interrupt your breast-feeding as you may be put on antibiotics.

HOTmilk urges all mothers to celebrate the coming of motherhood and yet remain sexy and sensual as before. It is aware that pregnancy and motherhood are indeed challenging times and it urges you to rise to the occasion by adopting HOTmilk lingerie. Now is the time when just about any lingerie will not do – wear HOTmilk’s range of special lingerie brought out, just for you.

Regular bras do not allow the diaphragm to expand during pregnancy as they are under-wired, and under-wired bras are not good during pregnancy. The special bras from HOTmilk have soft cups and are provided with a number of hooks. This permits the diaphragm to expand during pregnancy and you can be assured of comfort.

We urge you to take a look at some of HOTmilk’s wonderful collection. Look at the beautiful nursing bra which is soft and feminine. The Beaujolais Satin full cup bra is a sensual bra that offers you both comfort and support. Unaware is a full cup nursing bra which is comfortable and exquisite. Some of the other bras in its collection are Luminous, Tantalized, Destruction, Awakened, Midnight, Radiant, and Tanned. HOTmilk’s also offers a marvelous range of delightful and comfortable nightwear.

If you would like your days of pregnancy to be happy and comfortable, switch over to HOTmilk lingerie.

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