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Do you find it difficult to get yourself the right bra that fits your perfectly? Do you think that it is impossible to find a thong that hugs your body like a second skin? Well, Gorsenia has made the impossible possible. At Gorsenia, they do not believe in 'No', and have created the most wonderful lingerie using the finest of fabrics and expert workmanship to create marvels.

Gorsenia is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lingerie in Poland for well over 50 years. Their creations are absolutely marvelous and unique and they use the finest of fabrics for their lingerie which is stylish, trendy, and really comfortable.

Gorsenia has an extensive collection of push-up bras, padded bras, half-padded bras, soft bras, briefs, strings, corsets, camisoles, shorts, and suspenders that have been created through imaginative and innovative ideas.

Take a look at some of their outstanding items:

•    Cocktail Bra, which is a deeply cut smooth and seamless bra that goes well with tight clothes.
•    Georgian Corset is something really elegant and hugs you in a close embrace.
•    Attina is an elegant bra that has been specially designed for the fuller-busted women.
•    Bra SKU is a wonderful soft bra that has been made exclusively for the full-busted woman. The construction ensures that your breasts stay in place and you are comfortable.
•    Agnes is also a bra for the woman who is heavily endowed.
•    Andrea is a comfortable bra for the woman with a heavy bust. The bra is stylish and offers excellent support.
•    Emma Slimming Panties make you look slim.
•    Camelia Boxer String Briefs, Attina Briefs, Andrea Briefs, and Artemis Briefs are part of their wonderful briefs collection.

Take to Gorsenia Lingerie for style, correct fit, and comfort.

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