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Braza, which manufactures lingerie and lingerie accessories, is the oldest lingerie manufacturer in the USA. The company was started with the sole aim of providing the best clothing, lingerie, and fashion accessories to all women throughout the world.

It was Braza who introduced the 'stick-on-bra' to fashionable women of this world, and the rest is history. Now, you do not have to worry when indulging in backless or strapless fashion. Just turn to Braza for a solution. It is estimated that the original product ‘Braza Bra’ has sold more than 50 million pairs of bras till date. This company has been the leading adhesive bra manufacturer for a number of years.

You would be surprised to know that Braza deals in more than 150 products worldwide. Braza offers its customers a wide range of products such as bras, bra accessories, maternity needs, halters, straps, and swimwear products. You can proudly show off your clothes without any fear of displaying those ugly panty lines or bra straps, and you can now put on any dress of your choice without any fears. Braza also offers an excellent range of bra accessories such as cami lace, silicone bras, bra straps, as well as replacement straps. The Braza Collection includes Adhesive bras, lingerie, bodywear, fashion accessories, and straps.

Look at the maternity accessories that Braza has lined up for mothers-to-be or new mothers. It offers a wide range of maternity accessories that you would need during those special months you look forward to - nursing pads, nursing bras, and other maternity accessories. Take a look at Braza Strap Keepers which was introduced by Braza, and which revolutionized the lingerie industry. They are bow like adhesives which are meant to keep the straps in place lest they pop out suddenly.

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