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Bravado Lingerie Brand

Bravado is a world full of nursing bras and nursing lingerie for the new mothers or mothers-to-be. At Bravado, they try to make a mother’s or mother’s-to-be life as comfortable as possible and ensure that these mothers do not suffer even for a moment for want of the right-fit lingerie.


Bravado lingerie was conceptualized with the sole idea of producing a nursing bra for the new mothers. Everyone now realizes the importance and benefits of breast-feeding and the company ensures that mothers are completely at ease and do not suffer from any discomfort while nursing their young. A few years ago, nursing bras are not what they are today – they were absolutely a far cry. At Bravado, they celebrate all women who breastfeed and look at each mom as a star or even a super star.


Bravado has earned the reputation of making quality, stylish, and comfortable nursing bras which are liked and loved by moms all over the world. Some of the celebrity moms who love Bravado are Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jennifer Garner - to name a few.


Bravado offers a range of products exclusively for you: