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Berlei is an Australian company that is famous throughout the world as one of the foremost manufacturers of women’s lingerie. It is renowned globally because of its exacting standards of high quality and correct fitting. Berlei offers an excellent collection of high quality everyday underwear, bras, sports bras, maternity bras, and panties for women of all groups.

The Berlei Lingerie Company which manufactures more than two million bras a year is committed to providing quality lingerie, swimwear, and sportswear to women throughout the world. Berlei makes it a point to make sure that fit and comfort are of utmost importance when manufacturing lingerie. The company has developed a special measuring system to ensure that women are able to get lingerie of the right fit. Berlei innerwear is very well designed and comes in various designs to meet the various needs of different women.

Berlei makes use of innovations and new techniques to come out with new products that offer increased support and comfort.  One such innovation is the Ultimate Performance sports bra that reduces bounce by about 60%. Additional features incorporated in the bra are an in-built heart rate monitor holder and MP3 player pocket.  Another recent innovation is the range of specially designed post-surgery bras for women who have undergone mastectomy. These bras also have pockets where prosthesis can be placed securely. One more innovation is the ‘Barely There’ maternity bra, which is a special bra manufactured for nursing mothers who can stay fit and attractive at the same time.

If you are looking for good lingerie, think of Berlei.

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