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Anita is a lingerie manufacturing company that manufactures a wide range of innerwear, including specialized bras that are suitable for post-mastectomy ladies. Anita produces a range of easy-to-wear innerwear to bring out your style and suit your mood.

Anita comes out with various types of lingerie products that are liked by a large section of ladies who are attracted by the innovative designs. Anita has lingerie for various groups of women – the young woman, the mature woman, the expectant mother, the nursing mother, and also for ladies who have undergone breast surgery. They also specialize in sports bras that have bigger cups.

Anita makes lingerie from high quality comfortable material that hugs your body as if it is molded to it. Take a look at some of the magnificent bras in their collection. The Anita Classix – it is a Special Comfort bra which is specially made for women with a larger bust and it is a wonder bra that highlights your curves. The Anita Maternity–Beautiful Mum is a range of innerwear and swimwear collection for pregnant and nursing mothers. Rosa Faia by Anita – Big Cup Beauty is the younger generation lingerie. This tantalizing seductive lingerie is the right lingerie to bring out the tiger in you. This bra which is available up to the larger cup sizes is made of high quality fabric that hugs your body and is extremely comfortable. The Rosa Faia Collection includes all types of sports bras - their specially molded cups restricts the movement of the breasts and helps maintain the connective tissue.

Are you aware that all Anita products are designed to give you extra back support and comfort? Go and check out Anita’s products today.

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