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Amoena has been in the women’s innerwear and swimwear industry for more than thirty five years. It has now come to be recognized as the industry leader in innovation and technological improvements in the field of women’s innerwear.

Amoena recognizes women’s femininity and the desire of every woman to be feminine. It aims and aspires to provide a better quality of life for women following breast surgery or mastectomy. Amoena has come out with specially designed bras which are stylish to look at and are comfortable when worn. Amoena makes bras that are stylish, fashionable, and comfortable and which are specially designed for women who have undergone breast surgery. It is at this juncture that women crave for comfort and security along with good looks to look the world in the eye.

Unfortunately, every woman is not courageous to face the consequences of breast surgery bravely. Every woman reacts to breast surgery in a different manner. Amoena comes out with breast forms and specialized bras that will make the lives of such women a little easier. Some of the models that Amoena has come out with to meet the specialized needs of these women are:

•    Amoena Contact – a bra that adheres directly to the skin and is ideal for women with active lifestyles or back problems.
•    Amoena Energy – a revolutionary form of bra with breast forms that are comfortable and provide easy movement.
•    Amoena Individual – the forms provide a close fit and adapt to the contours of the body.
•    Amoena Essential – a bra that is suitable for women who have just had breast surgery.

Amoena offers a wonderful range of bras, underwear, and swimwear that is bound to bring out the real woman in you.

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